6-Year-Old Pushes Grandfather’s Stretcher As Hospital Ward Boy Demands Rs 30

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A shocking case has come up in Deoria district of Uttar Pradesh. A case of bribery from patients for facilities at the district hospital here has gone viral on social media. The DM reached the district hospital on Monday to investigate this. He has ordered action against the employee concerned.

In the viral video, a six-year-old innocent person is seen pushing the stretcher and carrying the patient. Innocent’s maternal grandfather is lying on the stretcher.

Chedi Yadav, resident of Gaura village of the Barhaj area of ​​Deoria was injured in an incident of assault. He was admitted to the surgical ward of Deoria District Hospital. Chedi Yadav’s daughter Bindu said that she has been in the district hospital with her father for three-four days. There they have to be taken to the dressing room in between for dressing.

Employees were not taken for dressing for not giving money

Bindu Devi told that the hospital staff asks for 30 rupees every time for a stretcher. The family’s position was not to give so much money repeatedly, in which case they refused. The hospital personnel refused to take Chedi for dressing.

He said that if you do not have to pay 30 rupees, then the patient will have to take himself to the dressing room. Bindu then took the father to the dressing room with the help of his six-year-old child Shivam Yadav. Meanwhile, someone made a video and went viral on social media.

CMS Dr. Chhotelal said that such an incident is not in his knowledge. If someone is demanding money from the woman then complain, action will be taken. This incident is being traced.

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