Assam Flood: No improvement in condition; Shortage of fuel in Barak valley continues

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With the flood scenario remaining grim in Assam’s Barak Valley, communications have taken a hit. This has resulted in a shortage of fuel in the Barak Valley districts.

Scores of vehicles are stranded on the Guwahati-Silchar highway as a result of floods snapping the connectivity. And as a result of this, a shortage of petrol and diesel is being seen in districts like Cachar, Hailakandi, and Karimganj.

In such a scenario, authorities have capped the limit of daily intake of fuel for commuters. Now, two-wheeler vehicles can take fuel worth Rs 200 at one time and four-wheeler vehicles can take in fuel worth Rs 400 at one time.

This order is to remain in force till the fuel availability scenario in the Barak Valley districts improves.

Meanwhile, the National Highway 15 In Darrang continues to be waterlogged and inaccessible. The floods have been triggered after a breakage in the embankment of the Saktola river. Several roads are inundated in floodwaters, with only two-wheelers being able to commute.

Meanwhile, the prevailing situation has severely affected the trade of fuel. There has been an acute shortage of petrol, diesel, and cooking gas in the hill district of Assam.

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