Priyanka Chopra reveals she sang same Hindi lullabies to Malti that Madhu Chopra used to sing for her

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Priyanka Chopra has opened up about the very special moments of motherhood after her daughter’s birth.
The Citadel actor recently gave a rare insight into her family with husband Nick Jonas and daughter, Malti, recalling how the singer provided support for her upon learning the baby girl, who was born via surrogate, had arrived prematurely.
According to US-based media outlet, E News, “I remember he just held me by my shoulders, and I said, ‘Just tell me what to do, because I don’t know what to do,'” Priyanka told Today’s Hoda Kotb for a Spring 2023 cover issue. “And he’s like, ‘Just get into the car with me.’ And we drove to the hospital. She was born, and from the moment she took her first breath to now, she’s never been without one of us, ever.”
Malti would end up staying more than 100 days in the NICU, a period of time where Priyanka said she “had to be her strength as her mom.”
“I don’t think it was our test. I think it was her test,” she shared. “I realized very, very early that I did not have the luxury to be scared or to be weak, because she was scared and weak… I needed to make her feel at every given moment that she’s not alone.”

Now, 15-month-old Malti is doing well: Priyanka added that her baby girl is still comforted by the Hindi lullabies that she sang to her in the NICU, which are also the same tunes that Priyanka’s mom devoted to her in her childhood.
As for Malti’s future, Priyanka said she and Nick want Malti to be bilingual in Hindi and English.
Initially, Priyanka did not think highly about Nick for taking up family responsibilities.
“I didn’t give it much of a chance because, I was like, ‘He’s 25 years old, he’s a rockstar. I want to get married, I want to settle down, I want to have a baby.’ I was 35 at the time,” she explained. “I wanted stability, and I didn’t give Nick enough credit until I went out with him on our first date. We spent the whole evening together, and I realized my husband is just like an old soul. He’s stability in human form.”
But now the desi girl is convinced that she has chosen the right man.
“He’s my cheerleader,” Priyanka said of the Jonas Brothers artist. “He’s the most secure man I’ve ever been with. He gets extremely excited at my wins. He takes off my extensions at the end of the night. He fixes my dress when I walk off stage and makes sure it looks right when I’m on the carpet. He brings me my coffee first thing in the morning.”
Priyanka could not stop praising her doting husband. “He’s just so even-tempered, can handle anything thrown at him,” she added, “And also has the ability to be vulnerable with me. I feel safe with my husband. I wish that for everyone.” (ANI)

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