Assam Shines at National Yoga Olympiad, Bags Gold Medal

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In a moment of great pride and achievement, Team Assam has emerged victorious, securing the highly coveted Gold medal at the National Yoga Olympiad. The prestigious competition, organized by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) under the guidance of the Ministry of Education, Government of India, was held in New Delhi.

Ranoj Pegu, the Cabinet Minister for Higher Education, School Education, and Tribal Affairs in Assam, took to Twitter to share the delightful news, expressing his joy and congratulations.

The tweet by Ranoj Pegu, @RanojPegu, read, “Team Assam has earned Gold in the #NationalYogaOlympiad organized by @ncert under the aegis of @EduMinOfIndia at New Delhi. Congratulations to Rani Sonowal of Dhemaji, Bhumika Sahani of Nagaon, Simpi Gogoi of Sibsagar, and Smriti Deka of Darrang. @CMOfficeAssam @SchoolEdnAssam @Samagra_Assam.”

Assam’s triumph at the National Yoga Olympiad showcases the remarkable talent, dedication, and hard work of the four outstanding athletes representing the state. Rani Sonowal from Dhemaji, Bhumika Sahani from Nagaon, Simpi Gogoi from Sibsagar, and Smriti Deka from Darrang demonstrated their impeccable skills, grace, and flexibility during the intense competition.

Their exceptional performances not only earned them individual recognition but also propelled Team Assam to the top of the national rankings.

The National Yoga Olympiad serves as a platform to promote the ancient Indian practice of yoga among school students and encourages them to embrace a healthy lifestyle.

Participants from various states across India showcase their expertise in different yoga asanas and techniques, competing for top honors. The event attracts talented young yogis from all corners of the country, fostering a spirit of unity and healthy competition.

Ranoj Pegu, known for his unwavering commitment to education and youth development, conveyed his heartfelt congratulations to the triumphant athletes. His tweet acknowledged the exceptional achievements of Rani Sonowal, Bhumika Sahani, Simpi Gogoi, and Smriti Deka, applauding their perseverance and dedication.

The Cabinet Minister’s tweet garnered attention and celebration from various government offices in Assam. The Chief Minister’s Office (@CMOfficeAssam), the Department of School Education (@SchoolEdnAssam), and Samagra Shiksha Assam (@Samagra_Assam) joined in commemorating Team Assam’s remarkable accomplishment at the National Yoga Olympiad.

This outstanding victory not only brings glory to Assam but also reinforces the state’s commitment to promoting sports and physical well-being among its residents. It serves as an inspiration for young aspirants across Assam, encouraging them to pursue their passions and excel in diverse fields.

As the nation celebrates this remarkable achievement, Team Assam’s stellar performance at the National Yoga Olympiad will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression, further elevating the state’s reputation on the national stage.

The success of Rani Sonowal, Bhumika Sahani, Simpi Gogoi, and Smriti Deka exemplifies the immense potential that lies within Assam’s youth and underscores the importance of nurturing their talents.

The entire state extends heartfelt congratulations to the victorious athletes and wishes them continued success in their future endeavors.

With their remarkable achievements, they have not only brought pride to Assam but have also become ambassadors for the ancient art of yoga, inspiring countless others to embark on a journey of physical and mental well-being.

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