Division Surfaces in All Tai Ahom Students Union (ATASU) as Breakaway Faction Challenges Delimitation Stance

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A major division has surfaced within the All Tai Ahom Students Union (ATASU), the prominent organization leading the protest movement against delimitation. A breakaway faction known as ATASU (Ind) has accused the central committee of compromising on the issue, further fueling the controversy. In a meeting held in Sivasagar on Sunday, the newly formed faction, comprising 30 regional committees, reiterated their commitment to democratic protests against delimitation and the granting of Scheduled Tribe (ST) status to six communities, including the Ahoms.

The leaders of ATASU (Ind), including President Akhil Ahom and Joint Secretaries Sumit Handique and Mintu Duwora, expressed their concerns and emphasized their determination to safeguard the interests of the Ahom community. The breakaway faction remains firm in their stance and has resolved to continue their protest activities.

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