“UPPL Strongly Criticizes BPF President’s Allegations on Constituency Delimitation, Highlights Commitment to Bodoland’s Development”

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The United People’s Party Liberal (UPPL) has strongly criticized the allegations made by Hagrama Mohilary, the president of the BPF party, regarding the constituency delimitation in a press conference held at their Central Office in Kokrajhar. Raju Kumar Narzary, the general secretary (admin) of UPPL, expressed his disagreement with Mohilary’s statement and defended Pramod Boro, the UPPL party chief and CEM (BTR), against the false and baseless accusations.

Narzary clarified that the UPPL party had submitted a memorandum to the Election Commission of India in March, requesting the creation of two Lok Sabha constituencies: Kokrajhar (reserved for ST) and Udalguri in the Bodoland Territorial Region (BTR). According to Narzary, the draft published by the ECI reserved the Kokrajhar Lok Sabha seat for ST and assigned some assembly segments of the BTR region to the proposed Darrang Lok Sabha seat.

Narzary criticized the BPF party, which had been in power for 17 years in the BTC administration, for attempting to gain political advantage by raising concerns about constituency delimitation. He pointed out that the BPF leaders did not express any concerns about the process in 2007, making their current remarks unnecessary. Narzary emphasized that the draft publication of constituency delimitation provided the BTR region with the opportunity to have 15 MLA segments, including six assembly segments reserved for ST.

Furthermore, Narzary mentioned that the UPPL party and the BTC government were collaborating to create the Udalguri Lok Sabha seat instead of the proposed Darrang Lok Sabha seat. This new constituency would include 15 assembly segments under BTC administration.

Narzary accused the BPF chief Mohilary and the party leaders of having double standards and engaging in politically motivated actions to confuse the citizens. He criticized the BPF party for their inconsistent approach, staging protests at times and then retracting their decisions.

In conclusion, Narzary portrayed the UPPL party as dedicated to the overall development and welfare of the people in the Bodoland Territorial Region. He contrasted this with the alleged misconduct and misappropriation of welfare and development funds by the BPF party during their time in power.

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