Dibrugarh University students illuminate “Night of Light”

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Centre for Studies in Journalism and Mass Communication Dibrugarh University 3rd semester
PR students illuminate “Night of Light” event in a symbolic tribute.

Dibrugarh, November 20, 2023: In a poignant display of solidarity and resemblance, the 3rd
semester PR students of CSJMC Dibrugarh University organized their last event of their
awareness campaign “Nari Hinkha Protirudh”, themed on elimination of violence against
women. In the event ” Night of light”,
students from various departments lighted approximately 100 candles.

This luminous display symbolised not only strength and unity but also served as a heartfelt tribute to
the unwavering resilience of women who have overcome adversity. Set within the enchanting
ambiance of Jyotibatsora , the event gracefully unfolded from 5.30 pm to 7:00pm.
The event drew to a close on a highly positive note,
resonating with a profound impact that
lingered in the hearts and minds of those present during the event. (PR)

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