This is what Katrina Kaif has to say about ‘Tiger 3’ success

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‘Tiger 3’ is dominating the box office, bringing immense joy to Katrina Kaif. “It’s truly heartening to witness the widespread joy and entertainment that ‘Tiger 3’ is offering to audiences nationwide this Diwali. The sight of people from all corners of the country dancing with delight in theaters is simply amazing! The audience’s excitement, cheers, and applause reflect the incredible time they’re having at cinemas during this festive season,” expressed Katrina, exuding happiness.

Directed by Maneesh Sharma, ‘Tiger 3’ features Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, and Emraan Hashmi in key roles, with Katrina reprising her character as Zoya. The film garnered Rs 44.50 crore on its release day, November 12, and has amassed a total of Rs 148.50 crore so far.

Reflecting on this significant success, Katrina remarked, “As someone devoted to delivering entertainment, this holds immense significance for me. I take immense pride in ‘Tiger 3’, and I’m thrilled that each installment in this franchise has etched enduring memories for the audience to cherish. This year has been exceptional for Hindi cinema, and I’m ecstatic that ‘Tiger 3’ is resonating so well with theatergoers.”

Katrina’s portrayal in the film has undeniably captivated fans, particularly her towel fight scene.

Addressing this, Katrina previously mentioned, “I relish portraying daring, boundary-pushing action sequences on screen, and the Tiger franchise has always provided me the platform to elevate the scale of action for a female action hero! I’ve embodied the life of a super spy through Zoya, and I love that she’s an exceptional fighter! She can take on anyone, much like Tiger, and be the last one standing! This is refreshing and thrilling for both me and the audience because they witness a woman who can fight as fiercely as a man.”

She continued, “I’m aware that the towel fight sequence at the Hammam in ‘Tiger 3’ has gone viral! It was an exceedingly challenging sequence to film because it involved intense hand-to-hand combat in a steamy Hammam room – grappling, defending, delivering punches, and kicks – everything was demanding. Credit to Adi for conceiving this remarkable scene because I believe there hasn’t been such a fight sequence featuring two women on screen in India before! The execution by Maneesh and the action team was remarkable – every detail was meticulously planned. It was a collaborative effort that audiences are truly enjoying! Zoya engages in a fierce fight with an exceptional fighter played by Michelle Lee, and I’m certain the intensity and aggression in the scene will leave people breathless! For me, this ranks among the finest action sequences featuring women on screen. It’s simply outstanding, and I’m eager for audiences to witness the complete action set piece in theaters!”

The film is produced by Aditya Chopra.


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