Brazen Theft at ‘I Point’ Mobile Shop Shakes Adabari: One Plus Phone Stolen Unnoticed

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Guwahati: In a startling turn of events reported on Tuesday, a One Plus mobile phone mysteriously vanished from the ‘I Point’ mobile phone shop in the Adabari area of the city.

According to sources, an individual posing as a customer managed to abscond with a One Plus phone without raising any suspicion. The shop owner, Asif Ahmed, detailed the cunning nature of the theft, stating, “They came in a group, about 3-4 people, and one in the orange dress stole the phone. The others deliberately engaged me, keeping me busy during the process. Through their accent, I came to know they were Miya people.”

Armed with a clear facial image of the perpetrator captured by the surveillance cameras, the shop owner intends to lodge a formal complaint at the local police station.

This incident raises concerns about the escalating crime rates in Assam, even in the presence of CCTV surveillance. The pressing question remains: Is our administration faltering, and will justice prevail for the shop owner?

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