Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Vs S23 Ultra: Check All The Differences And Upgrades Here!

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Samsung has finally released its latest Galaxy S24 series, which includes the Galaxy S24 Ultra, Galaxy S24+, and the Galaxy S24 in India and other global markets. The Galaxy S24 Ultra is the star of the show, and it comes with a bunch of features that set it apart. But how does it compare to the Galaxy S23 Ultra from last year, which looks almost identical? Here, we compare the two Samsung flagships to see how big or small the difference is in the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Design and Display

At first glance, the phones may look the same, but Samsung made a bunch of changes to make the design more robust and functional. For example, like the iPhone 15 Pro models, Samsung now uses titanium for the phone’s frame. And on the front, you get a completely flat screen instead of a curved panel. The new phone has a flat screen instead of the curved screens that Samsung phones used to have. The screen is still 6.8 inches and has a QHD resolution. It also supports a 120Hz refresh rate.

Software and Internals

Another big change is the software update commitment Samsung is making. Like the Google Pixel 8 series, you get 7 years of OS and security updates as standard. This means you’re good to go until Android 21 (if that’s what it’s called) if you buy any of the S24 models.

Turning our attention to the internals, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra features Qualcomm’s latest and greatest chipset, with a twist: the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 for Galaxy. Like last year’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy, the latest variant is a slightly more overclocked version of the processor that everyone else gets.

In some markets, the S23 Ultra was offered with an 8GB RAM base configuration, but the S24 Ultra now ships with 12GB of RAM as standard. As before, the device is available in 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB storage options. The battery capacity remains the same at 5,000 mAh.

alaxy AI is Here

After Google released its Gemini LLM on the Pixel 8 Pro, generative AI became all the rage in the smartphone world. It was only natural that others would follow suit. Samsung has now introduced Galaxy AI on its S24 smartphones, which can help users with tasks like real-time text and call translation, choosing a conversational tone in chat apps, and even Note Assist in the Samsung Notes app. Users can also search in a new way by long-pressing on the Home Screen and then circling what they want to search for.

These AI features will also be coming to the S23 series, but if you want them right away, you’ll have to splurge on the latest S24 models.

Camera Changes

Samsung made a big change here: it removed the 10MP 10X telephoto lens and replaced it with a 5X 50MP unit. The other three sensors—the 200MP primary sensor, the 12MP 0.5X ultra-wide, and the 12MP 3X telephoto—are the same as last year.

Samsung may have decided to go with Apple’s 5X lens because it’s more practical in real-world situations. Additionally, a major complaint about the S23 Ultra was that you had to use digital zoom between 3X and 10X, which resulted in blurry photos. The 5X lens fixes this issue.

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