BTR EM Wilson Hasda Inaugurates Construction of ICBP Road in Kokrajhar

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Gossaigaon: In a significant stride towards infrastructure development, BTR EM Wilson Hasda laid the foundation stone and inaugurated the construction of the ICBP Road, accompanied by 9 RCC culverts. The road, extending from Gossaigaon Bashbari Road to Matijhora PT-I Hatikal in Kokrajhar, marks a crucial step towards enhancing connectivity and accessibility in the region.

Under the Assam Government’s Goodwill Project, roads in the Bodoland Territorial Region (BTR) are undergoing substantial transformation. The initiation of the ICBP Road project signifies a commitment to improving the transportation network, thereby facilitating economic growth and social development in the area.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, BTR EM Wilson Hasda emphasized the importance of infrastructure in bolstering regional progress. He expressed optimism regarding the positive impact the road construction project would have on the lives of the residents, facilitating smoother travel and better connectivity across various parts of Kokrajhar.

The ICBP Road project is expected to not only enhance transportation but also contribute to the overall development and prosperity of the region. With a focus on quality construction and timely completion, authorities aim to ensure that the road network meets the evolving needs of the local populace and fosters sustainable growth in the BTR.

As construction progresses, the ICBP Road project stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts of the Assam Government, BTR administration, and local communities towards building a better-connected and more prosperous future for Kokrajhar and its surrounding areas.

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