India emerged as the most admired country in the World under PM Modi ,says Sonowal

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PALASBARI,May 2: The Union Minister of Ports, Shipping & Waterways and Ayush, Sarbananda Sonowal ,on Wednesday campaigned for the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) candidates of Guwahati LS constituency Bijuli Kalita Medhi at Chamoria under Boko LAC in Kamrup district.
Speaking at an election rally at Chamoria today at Chamoria near Boko in Kamrup district, Sonowal has laid emphasis on the sustaining the momentum that India has gained both nationally and internationally since 2014 when Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister.
Sonowal called upon the people to vote for NDA candidate Bijuli Kalita Medhi so that nation’s journey to become ‘Viksit Bharat’ remains on course under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
“Under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, our country’s stature at the global stage has grown manifold since 2014. Today, due to Narendra Modi’s untiring, inspiring commitment to national service, India has emerged as the ‘Most Admired Country in the World.’ Today, India is engaging more proactively at the world affairs which is in line with our vision of transforming India into becoming Vishwaguru. Together with this, Narendra Modi has been able to secure India’s developmental aspirations via foreign policy. Congress led Governments – apart from being inapt, corrupt and visionless – also failed miserably to harness the strength of India as a country – its people,” said Sonowal.
Sonowal added that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has successfully reinstated the rich cultural heritage of India on the global stage. From the stupendous success of G20 summit, the Act East policy, the Neighbourhood First policy among other visionary approach, the foreign policy of India under Narendra Modi remains firm to make Bharat the Vishwaguru of the world.
He urged the voters of Guwahati Lok Sabha Constituency to join together to exercise their franchise favouring Bijuli Kalita Medhi and thus elect Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister for the third consecutive term with a massive and landmark mandate.
Highlighting the importance that Narendra Modi led NDA govt has put on building capacity for skill development, education and training, the senior Cabinet Minister from Assam, Sarbananda Sonowal, said, “Under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership, India’s education sector has witnessed transformative growth since 2014. With innovative policies and strategic initiatives, his government has propelled the nation towards a brighter future, fostering a culture of learning and empowerment for all, paving the way for a knowledge-driven society,”.
Sonowal further said that 22 new universities have been established in the north east region marking a significant progress. Ladakh celebrates its inaugural Central University, alongside the first-ever Forensic University. Moreover, a Rail and Transport University has been inaugurated.
Sonowal said that India boasted a record-breaking 71 universities listed in ‘The World University Rankings,’ up from 63 last year. Additionally, three Indian universities secured top-200 positions in the ‘QS World University Rankings.’
Sonowal added that in Assam, since 1948, the second Ayurvedic College was set up in Dudhnoi, located under Guwahati Lok Sabha Constituency. Other institutes of national eminence like National Institute of Design (NID), All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS), among other prominent educational institutes bring much aspired access to world class education in the region.
“Narendra Modi’s transformation of education sector can be seen with one university being set up almost every week and two new colleges being set up every day since 2014. The Modi Government has prioritised the rapid transformation of the education sector, with a strong emphasis on primary, higher, and medical education. Since 2014, it has announced the establishment of new IITs, IIMs, IIITs, NITs, and NIDs, unveiling a new IIT and IIM every year since then. The number of students accessing higher education has also grown as a result of this transformation,” Sonowal added.
He said that India stood with an advantage to enable, empower and execute its youth power to realise the vision of becoming an Atmanirbhar Bharat by 2047. Transformation of Educational Sector with capacity expansion as well as new Institutes of Eminence has set the process of honing the talent of young India; setting the course towards ‘Viksit Bharat”
Criticising Congress Party, Sonowal further added that Even after a decade of independence, India had failed to progress as expected, largely due to Congress’s misrule, which kept our region as one of the most backward in the nation.
“Discriminatory policies burdened us. Since Prime Minister Narendra Modi assumed office, noticeable changes have occurred in our region. Roads once neglected have been improved under the Modi government’s tenure. Modi has embraced Northeast India, visiting more than 66 times, a remarkable feat. He has urged Union ministers to visit over 90 times, expediting our development,” he said.
He said that previously, people of Assam had to protest for every project or institution. But, now, bridges, refineries, and technology institutes are examples of central government support without agitation. Under the Modi government, Assam saw the establishment of twenty-four medical colleges, a significant increase from the six during the Congress era.
“Presently, Assam hosts AIIMS and 18 cancer hospitals. Notably, the rapid construction of bridges like Dhola-Sadiya and Bogibeel, alongside ongoing projects for five more bridges over Brahmaputra, exemplifies unprecedented development in Assam. Modi’s achievements in human resource development in the Northeast surpass Congress’s efforts over the past sixty years,” he said.


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