Woman, At Delhi Airport, Loses Cool After Ground Staff Denies Boarding. Lufthansa Reacts

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Airport altercations have become all too common. A recent instance unfolded at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI), where a woman engaged in a dispute with Lufthansa ground staff after being refused boarding. Captured on camera by the passenger herself, the footage shows her confronting the staff regarding the denial of boarding.

What followed next was a heated argument between one of the ground staff members and the woman. The brief clip, now viral, shows her insistence on the necessity of taking the direct flight. Meanwhile, the Lufthansa staff member summoned security and attempted to explain the airline’s regulations to the passenger.

In the footage, one can see the ground staff leaving her cubicle and asking a fellow staff member to call security. Meanwhile, the passenger, recording the video, persistently asks for an explanation from the staff. “I am telling you very politely. I am calling security,” the staff member tells the passenger.

While filming, the passenger urges the staff to address her concerns. In response, the Lufthansa staff member said, “What you are doing, that is anyway not allowed. (Pointing out at her camera.)”

“You cannot take the direct flight. If you want to know the rules, go to the German embassy,” she added. When asked if she was aware of the travelling rules, the passenger said, “No, but I am travelling for the last four years.”

The video ends with the ground staff calling security. “I have already called security. Ma’am please wait, you won’t travel,” the staff added.

The reason why the passenger was denied to board remains unclear.

Since its posting, the video has amassed over four lakh views. Meanwhile, an X user tagged Lufthansa Airlines in the post. The individual wrote, “@lufthansa @Lufthansa_India any action??” To this, Lufthansa Airlines replied, “Hi Harpreet, we are investigating this case and are in contact with the people involved.”

At the same time, many others also chimed in to express their concerns and reactions.

Reacting to the video, a user commented, “This happens when Airlines are overbooked and they find a way out by such unethical means to pin down on the customer to throw them out (so they do not board the flight) so that the airlines do not get caught of overbooking when everyone shows up.”

“That attitude she is carrying, she misunderstood herself with immigration officer I doubt. Check passport/visa, Print tickets and take baggage that’s all she is supposed to do,” a comment read.

What is your perspective on the situation depicted in the video?

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