BTR EM Wilson Hasda Urges Public to Refrain from Spreading Terror Rumors in Kokrajhar

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Gossaigaon: Reports of communal violence rumors have caused panic across various villages in Kokrajhar district. Fearful villagers began evacuating their homes and organizing night watch teams to safeguard their communities.

Upon discovering that these rumors were affecting villages near Saralpara, Lungsubg, and Ultapani, a team comprising the BTR administration, including an EM and an MLA, promptly visited the affected areas to reassure residents and clarify the misinformation.

Speaking to Guwahati Times, EM Wilson Hasda stated, “People were terrified by a rumor, the origins of which were unknown. We quickly reached out to the local villagers to inform them that the news they were anxious about was unfounded.” Hasda urged residents to avoid believing or spreading such baseless rumors.

He further added, “We also engaged with village headmen and community leaders to prevent any potential escalation. The administration remains vigilant.”

He appealed to the residents to verify any news they receive, particularly through WhatsApp or other informal sources, until it is confirmed by a credible source.

The response team, accompanied by police, has been directed to monitor the situation closely. It is important to note that such rumors have previously caused significant harm to society, whether through witch hunts, moral policing, or other incidents. It is crucial for everyone to verify information before acting on it.

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