Magic bus keeps children busy with joyfull learning despite floods in Palasbari

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PALASBARI,July 8: Floods continue to ravage the state.People from Nahira-Guimara village under Palasbari LAC in Kamrup district has been hit by floods. They have been accommodated at the nearby Nahira-Guimara Anchalik High School.
The Magic Bus India Foundation (MBIF),a leading non-government organization (NGO) in the state, is working day and night to take care of the mental aspects of the flood affected children.
Sumi Kalita,Sr. academic educator and Utpal Das,Life skil educator of Magic bus have kept about 40 children busy with games despite the floods.
The NGO has also been teaching children amidst floods.
It may be mentioned here that yesterday Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma was impressed to see the Magic Bus India Foundation keeping the flood affected children busy with sports at the school.
The local people appreciated the initiative of Sumi Kalita and Utpal Das under the supervision of Hiranya Bairagi, cluster manager of Magic bus.


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