December 6, 2021

Assam Doctor expresses anger on Facebook after wrongly tested COVID-19 positive

GUWAHATI: A doctor engaged in COVID Isolation Ward duty since June 10, expressed his anger and frustration on the Facebook platform.

“…I’m Dr. Rahul Das, engaged in Covid Isolation Ward duty since 10/6/20. This is a post out of extreme anger and frustration,” the Facebook post said.

The Facebook post said, after completion of his second phase of duty, he went for one week quarantine in Radisson Blu hotel in Guwahati. On the fifth day (July 13) samples of Dr. Rahul Das and two other doctors were taken for rapid test, and within 15 minutes, the results came negative for all the three doctors. So, as per protocol, samples were collected for RT-PCR (confirmatory test) and after completion of seven days in quarantine, the three doctors checked out of Radisson Blu on July 15.

“….on 15/7/20 I checked out from Radisson blue, but on the same day at around 8 pm, I got a phone call saying that my test result is positive and I thought it was ok, and accordingly next day morning ambulance came, and I went to hospital to get admitted in isolation ward as a patient,” Dr Rahul Das wrote in the Facebook post.

“But today the two other doctors of my team (who were also admitted in GMCH), called me and said that they just checked their reports online and found the report to be negative,” the doctor further added.
They asked me check my reports online. I immediately logged in and checked my report, and here’s the screenshot, you can also check it yourself…,” the Corona warrior said.

“I don’t know if it’s a technical error, but according to me it’s a blunder. And now, after staying in isolation ward for two days, I have surely been exposed to the virus,” Dr. Rahul Das said in the Facebook post.

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