October 21, 2021

Court martial completed, Major Gogoi faces reduction in seniority

The court martial proceedings against Major Leetul Gogoi, who was at the centre of the 2017 ‘human shield’ controversy, have been completed and he may face reduction in seniority as a punishment for ‘fraternising’ with a local woman in Srinagar last year, officials said.

The court martial process against his driver, Sameer Malla, who was facing charges of unauthorised absence from the unit, was also completed recently in the Kashmir valley and he is likely to be given a ‘severe reprimand’.

Malla, recruited in the Territorial Army in 2017, was posted with 53 sector of Rashtriya Rifles, a counter-insurgency force fighting militancy in Jammu and Kashmir.
After completion of Summary of Evidence against Major Gogoi and his driver in early February followed by the initiation of court martial proceedings, the two men have been held guilty on two counts — ‘fraternising’ with a local in spite of instructions to the contrary and ‘being away from the place of duty while in operational area’, the officials said.

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