Delhi Police rescue an Assamese woman stuck due to lockdown – Guwahati Times

Delhi Police rescue an Assamese woman stuck due to lockdown

The Delhi Police have rescued a woman, who got stuck in the city due to the lockdown.

A resident of Assam, the woman was on her way back home from Punjab.

According to police, the woman has been identified as Rinku Borah. Her husband works in Punjab and she had visited him.

She was traveling from Punjab to Dibrugarh but due to the lockdown, the train stopped at the Old Delhi railway station.

At the station, her money, phone, and wallet were stolen. She was stranded at the railway station. A person approached her to help her contact her husband and in the process robbed her.

When the railway station was vacated, she got lost and reached the Rain Basera. She was asked to get her medical done.

She got her medical done at the Gurugobind Singh Hospital and started staying at the night shelter.

A Station House Officer (SHO) got to know about the woman’s plight. After he made some calls, a team got in touch with the woman. Following which she was taken to the Assam Bhawan by the police.

Her accommodation has been arranged at the Assam Bhawan. She will be sent to her place once the lockdown is over. (ANI)

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