October 21, 2021

Garo Hills NGOs hold public meeting on CAB

 Four NGOs of Garo Hills, namely GSU, FKJGP, ADE and AYWO under the banner of NESO held a public meeting today against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAB) under the mission ‘Save Garo Hills, Save North East’. The speakers at the gathering took strong exception to the ‘second class’ treatment allegedly being meted out to the people of NE, especially the tribals.

“The BJP-led NDA is forcing us to accept the Bill by placing unreasonable, dangerous and communal arguments. How can we accept such a Bill which will have serious implications and threatens our very existence,” said Tengsak Momin, GSU president.

Manseng Sangma, the assistant general secretary of NESO pushed for name change of places to indigenous ones. “Hawakhana, Araimile, Dermile, Prahari Nagar and many more places should be changed. The concerned authorities should take note of it and do the needful,” said Manseng.

The AYWO general secretary Sengbath Ch Marak stressed on total revamping of District Council and to strive towards the common objective.

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