December 6, 2021

Man Beheads Wife To Appease Deity, Buries Head And Torso In Their Home’s Puja Room

In a shocking incident, a man reportedly killed his wife and then buried her body at their home in Madhya Pradesh’s Singrauli. According to a Times of India report, the 50-year-old man beheaded the woman to please a deity.

The horrifying crime took place in Basauda village on Wednesday. He was arrested the next day by the authorities.

During the wee hours of Wednesday morning, the man reportedly beheaded his wife and after murdering her, he allegedly buried her head and torso separately in the puja room of his home. After committing the crime, he fled from the spot.

The next morning, the man’s two sons woke up and were absolutely horrified to find their mother dead. The brothers then informed the police and a team of officials reached the crime scene.

The siblings told the police officials that their father murdered their mother as he wanted to please a deity. They also informed them that he had even killed a goat a few days ago and buried its carcass in the puja room to gratify the deity.

The police arrested the accused on Thursday. Pradeep Shende, additional superintendent of police (SP) said, “I am myself interrogating the accused to get to the bottom of the case. According to the statements of his sons, it appears the man killed his wife out of superstition.”

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