Marvel announces release dates for every MCU Phase 4 movie through 2022

With Avengers: Endgame out in theaters worldwide, this chapter of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is finally coming to a close. The so-called Infinity Saga, which began with Iron Man in 2008, is over, but a new chapter is about to kick off. Marvel is being even quieter than usual (which is hard to do) about the future of its cinematic universe beyond Spider-Man: Far From Home, but this week, we did finally get a concrete schedule for Phase 4.

Following its recent acquisition of the Fox film studios, Disney shared an updated release schedule for dozens of films through 2027 on Tuesday, including the next three Star Wars movies, the Avatar sequels (which have been delayed once again), untitled Pixar films, and most importantly, eight upcoming Marvel movies.

Unfortunately, every Marvel movie is listed as “UNTITLED MARVEL” on the schedule, so until Spider-Man: Far From Home comes out on July 2nd, it’s unlikely Marvel will give us anything more to go on. That said, here are the dates for the next eight Marvel movies, from May 1st, 2020 through July 29th, 2022:

May 1st, 2020
November 6th, 2020
February 12th, 2021
May 7th, 2021
November 5th, 2021
February 18th, 2022
May 6th, 2022
July 29th, 2022
The first thing you might notice is that Marvel Studios is apparently only planning to launch two movies in 2020, which breaks from the three movie a year schedule that it has stuck to for the past several years. In fact, it will be a full ten months between the Spider-Man sequel and whatever comes next to kick off Phase 4.

Again, very little has been made official, but based on rumors and reports, a multitude of Marvel movies are already in various stages of production, including a Black Widow prequel, a movie featuring Shang-Chi, an Eternals movie, and sequels to Doctor Strange, Black Panther, and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Our best guess is that Black Widow and Doctor Strange 2 will be the 2020 movies. James Gunn’s involvement in the Suicide Squad movie for DC will keep him busy for several months at least, which makes 2021 seem like the earliest we’d possibly see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. It’s also hard to imagine Marvel waiting too long before getting the new team together for another Avengers movie, so perhaps we’ll see that in 2022.

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