Miss India Andhra Pradesh 2019 : Nikita Tanwani

State Winner: Andhra Pradesh

School: Jaipuria Vidyalaya

College: BITS Pilani, Pilani

Profession: Application Engineer, Freelancer model

Interests: Reading, Painting, Table-Tennis

Favourite quote:
She was afraid of heights but she was much more afraid of never flying.

How would you describe your own personality?
Ambitious and Modest.

Who is the most influential person in your life?
My mom.

What is the craziest rumor you have heard about yourself?
There was a rumor in my school that I’d been burnt when I didn’t turn up for a month due to some illness. That’s the craziest rumor I’ve heard about myself.

What has been your biggest achievement before Miss India?
On the academic front, getting into BITS Pilani and then ISB – two dream schools, are my biggest achievements.

Rate in order of priority the three qualities that every woman must possess.
Confidence, self sufficiency and composure.

Rate in order of personal preference, the three qualities that you admire in a man.
A good and kind heart, ambition and sense of humor.

If you were to give one bit of advice to the youth today, what would it be?
Do not settle for mediocrity when it comes to your dreams. At the same time, remember to be a good person before trying to become a successful person.

If god will grant you one wish, what would you ask for?
I’d ask him to cure my baby sister who suffers from cystic fibrosis.

What is your edge over the other contestants?
My resilience and people skills.

Who do you think is the sexiest man alive today?
Sushant Singh Rajput

The last movie that made you cry

Who is your favorite actor?
Ayushmann Khurrana

Biggest fear?
Failure. It’s what keeps me going and I can never be complacent.

Love is..
When someone else’s happiness is essential to you, more than your own.

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