December 7, 2021

Monkey Runs Away with Covid-19 Test Samples After Attacking Lab Worker in Meerut

A group of monkeys on Friday attacked a lab technician at Meerut Medical College while he was carrying test samples and swab kits taken from suspected patients.

In a video tweeted by a journalist, the monkeys snatched away the swab kits of three patients and escaped before the lab technician could do anything. The patients had to redo the test; a report by Times Now says that the monkeys were later found chewing the samples on tops of trees.

Monkeys are apparently quite common within the college campus but with this incident, locals are afraid that this could spread the infection.

Watch the video here:

This is not the first time a monkey has attacked human beings in recent times. A few days ago, in another shocking incident, a monkey riding on a bike tried to ‘kidnap’ a baby who was playing with her family members in a broad daylight. The video of the incident had also gone viral on social media.

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