NAGAON, May 15 – How much electricity could a domestic consumer utilise in a single month?

Abhijit Saikia, a resident of Lakhinagar area of Nagaon, was in for a rude shock when he received a monthly electricity bill of Rs 77,20,775 from APDCL, Nagaon. The office of the APDCL, Nagaon, had sent the bill of Rs 77,20,775 to Saikia as a correction of his former bill that had a bill amount of Rs 3,000.

According to Saikia, he received an electricity bill where the amount was Rs 3,000 for consuming 509 units. But when he checked his digital meter, he found that the consumption was only 107 units. Saikia immediately approached the Haiborgaon-based APDCL division office and lodged a complaint for correction of the bill amount. The office assured him that a new bill with correction would be issued soon.

But Saikia later received his new bill, where he was asked to pay Rs 77,20,775 against consumption of 99,999 power units during the month of April.

Meanwhile, another division of APDCL, Nagaon, has allegedly issued an electricity bill of Rs 1,67,000 for a single month to Prabal Sarma, a resident of Panigaon Chariali in Nagaon. In Samaguri too, the APDCL allegedly issued an electricity bill of Rs 16,000 to a widow Binu Borah.

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