December 6, 2021

New city bus route for Panjabari-Jalukbari

New city bus route for Panjabari-Jalukbari

A good news for the commuters of Guwahati. In order to decrease traffic congestion at the Ganeshguri area during pick hours, the transport department has come up with a solution.

According to sources, the buses, which use the Punjabari-Jalukbari route via Ganeshguri, will be using Panjabari-Jalukbari route via VIP road from September 19.

However, the change in the route will be applicable only for the buses, which are using route no. 8 from Panjabari to Jalukbari and not the other way around.

The buses , which run from Jalukbari to Panjabi via Ganeshguri will be using the same old route, not the VIP road after opening of the new route. City Desk , Guwahati Times.

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