December 6, 2021

Thiruvananthapuram Express Catches Fire At Slichar Station

Three coaches of Silchar-Thiruvananthapuram Express at Silchar station caught fire on Sunday morning. The train which departs from Silchar on Tuesday was stationed at the pit line.

At first, passengers witnessed fire in one of the coaches but later it spread to other two coaches as well and they panicked as the flames went higher.

However, it has been doubted that the fire caught in the pantry car coach and spread to the nearby coaches.

Meanwhile, the station administration refused to speculate on the cause of the fire. The Silchar SDRF and fire service, however, successfully doused the fire on time.

No casualties have been reported in the fire. The reason of the fire has not been known yet but it has been suspected that the fire catches in the train from the cylinder in the pantry car.

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