Shocking | Pregnant Woman ‘strip-searched’ at Guwahati Airport —

Shocking | Pregnant Woman ‘strip-searched’ at Guwahati Airport

In a shocking incident, a pregnant woman was allegedly harassed at Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport (LGBI) after a woman CISF staff ‘strip-searched’ the woman to verify her pregnancy.


Shivam Sarmah and his wife Doli Goswami were reportedly traveling from Guwahati to Delhi on Sunday through Spicejet flight SG-169 when the incident took place.


Sarmah has alleged that a hand-held metal detector was used by the lady sub-inspector to check his 25 weeks pregnant wife despite his wife’s request not to use the HHMG.


The husband further alleged that they were denied of the boarding pass by the CISF staff who insisted that they should show proof of her pregnancy and asked his wife to accompany her to a room and she was forced to undress. The CISF woman officer also pushed her abdomen to check pregnancy manually.


In the meantime, the CISF has stated that they have taken cognizance of the incident and are making an enquiry into the matter. The particular lady officer was a trainee, the CISF also reportedly stated.


The incident has led to much sensation in Guwahati.


Details awaited.

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