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গোৰোহা ফটাৰ সমস্যা? জানি থওক উপশমৰ উপায়….

শীতকালত বহুতৰে ভৰিৰ গোৰোহা ফাটে৷ এই সমস্যা...

হাত-ভৰি জিনজিননি হোৱাটো হ’ব পাৰে গুৰুতৰ ৰোগৰ লক্ষণ

বহুতৰে প্ৰায়ে হাত আৰু ভৰিত জিনজিননি হৈ...

হিকতিৰ পৰা পৰিত্ৰাণ পোৱাৰ সহজ ঘৰুৱা উপায়

সাধাৰণতে পানী কমকৈ খোৱা বা মচলাযুক্ত খাদ্য...

Apple commences testing for foldable panels

Tech NewsApple commences testing for foldable panels

American tech giant Apple has been developing a new folding OLED screen that might eventually make its way into a folding iPhone or iPad.
According to GSM Arena, the big breakthrough for Apple is the lack of a polarizer layer on their panel which is currently being used in some conventional folding displays.

Similar polarizer-less display technology is also being used in Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold3 and its Eco2OLED display. Apple is considering a similar approach for its own folding device, the outlet reported.
The removal of the polarizer layer allows for thinner folding displays though at the cost of visibility and peak brightness.
As per GSM Arena, makers have been forced to increase the display’s power consumption in order to crank up the brightness as a result which has a negative impact on the longevity of folding panels so it will be interesting to see how Apple tackles these issues. (ANI)

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