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Assam Police arrest three persons in Nagaon, recover 7.65mm pistol, brown sugar

Assam Police arrested three persons and recovered...

নগাঁৱৰ জামুগুৰি দঘাট চুবুৰীৰ ২৪০ বছৰীয়া নামঘৰৰ প্ৰতিষ্ঠা দিৱস

নগাঁৱৰ জামুগুৰি দঘাট চুবুৰীৰ ২৪০ বছৰীয়া নামঘৰৰ প্ৰতিষ্ঠা দিৱস

15-year-old government vehicles will be scrapped: Nitin Gadkari

Union minister Nitin Gadkari today (November 25)...

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Popular Places for Perfect Picnic Around Guwahati

The entrance to the northeast and the region's largest and most cosmopolitan city, Guwahati. Serves as a jumping-off point for the other seven sisters. The fearless city is the capital of Assam. The city is surrounded by lush hills, riversides, waterfalls, and botanical gardens, providing plenty of chances for locals and visitors to plan weekend excursions and picnics with...






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Negative tweets to be deboosted, demonetised: Elon Musk announces new Twitter policy

Elon Musk has been trying to revamp Twitter ever since he took control of the microblogging site. On Friday, he announced new Twitter policy. In a tweet, he said that "New Twitter policy is freedom of speech, but not freedom of reach." He also informed that Twitter will demonetize and not promote tweets containing hate speech or otherwise "negative" content. Kathie...


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