Prateik Babbar Sets Off for Cannes Premiere of Mother Smita Patil’s ‘Manthan’

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The 77th Cannes Film Festival holds a deeply personal significance for actor Prateik Babbar, as it marks the premiere of his late mother Smita Patil’s acclaimed film ‘Manthan’ at this prestigious event.

In the early hours of Thursday, Prateik was spotted at Mumbai airport, his face beaming with anticipation as he embarked on his journey to Cannes. Amidst the flashing cameras of the paparazzi, he exuded excitement for the momentous occasion ahead.

The screening of ‘Manthan’ at Cannes, scheduled for May 17, will be attended by luminaries including Naseeruddin Shah, the film’s producers, and Shivendra Singh Dungarpur of the Film Heritage Foundation.

‘Manthan’, starring Naseeruddin Shah alongside the late Smita Patil, stands out as the sole Indian film selected for the Cannes Classic section this year. This marks the Film Heritage Foundation’s third consecutive appearance at Cannes, following the premieres of ‘Thamp’ (2022) and ‘Ishanou’ (2023).

Directed by Shyam Benegal, ‘Manthan’ draws inspiration from Verghese Kurien’s pioneering milk cooperative movement, famously known as ‘Operation Flood’, which revolutionized India’s dairy industry and birthed the iconic brand ‘Amul’. The film, a recipient of two National Film Awards in 1977, including Best Feature Film in Hindi, also served as India’s official entry to the 1976 Academy Awards.

Shyam Benegal expressed his elation, highlighting the film’s significance in addressing socio-economic disparities and celebrating Kurien’s transformative legacy. Naseeruddin Shah reminisced about his immersive experience during the filming process, underscoring the film’s enduring impact.

Megastar Amitabh Bachchan also conveyed his pride and joy upon learning about ‘Manthan’s’ Cannes premiere, lauding the Film Heritage Foundation’s commitment to preserving and showcasing India’s cinematic heritage on the global stage.

As the curtains rise on ‘Manthan’s’ Cannes debut, it stands as a testament to the power of cinema in championing social change and immortalizing the legacies of visionaries like Smita Patil and Verghese Kurien.

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