Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Daughter Aaradhya Spark Interest at Mumbai Airport Ahead of Cannes Departure

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A regular attendee of the esteemed Cannes Film Festival, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is poised to captivate the cameras once more as she graces the iconic red carpet with her timeless elegance.

On Wednesday evening, the ‘Devdas’ luminary was sighted at Mumbai’s airport accompanied by her daughter Aaradhya. Before boarding their flight, she graciously paused for the paparazzi, sharing smiles and gestures. However, it was a noticeable arm sling adorning her right hand that stirred inquiries and concerns among onlookers.

Social media platforms buzzed with speculations about her injury, prompting fans to express their well wishes and curiosity. As she waved briefly to the paparazzi, Aishwarya remained tight-lipped about the nature of her injury. She is scheduled to attend the Cannes Festival as a brand ambassador for L’Oreal Paris.

Aishwarya made her Cannes debut in 2002, creating a memorable entrance alongside superstar Shah Rukh Khan and director Sanjay Leela Bhansali for the premiere of ‘Devdas’. Dressed in a resplendent yellow saree, her arrival in a chariot remains etched in the memories of fans. Since then, she has become a fixture at the festival, serving on the Cannes jury and gracing the red carpet with her distinct style.

Over the years, Aishwarya has curated numerous iconic moments on the Cannes red carpet, solidifying her status as the ‘Cannes queen’. From showcasing traditional Indian attire to daring fashion choices, she has continually captured attention and sparked conversations among fashion enthusiasts. Her bold experimentation, including the infamous purple lipstick in 2016, has consistently made headlines.

Last year, Aishwarya mesmerized audiences in a striking silver gown adorned with thousands of intricate details, including aluminium paillettes and crystals, accentuated by an oversized black bow cinched at her waist.

As anticipation mounts for her appearance at this year’s Cannes red carpet, fans eagerly await the next fashion statement from the former Miss World, anticipating yet another unforgettable moment in the annals of Cannes fashion history.

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