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Epic Transformation of Tanushree Dutta, Lost 15 Kgs to make a Comeback in Bollywood

Entertainment NewsEpic Transformation of Tanushree Dutta, Lost 15 Kgs to make a Comeback in Bollywood

Everyone was taken by surprise to see some of the photos of actress Tanushree Dutta that she shared recently. Actually Tanushree Dutta has lost weight and looks very beautiful in her new look. According to Tanushree Dutta, she has lost 15 kgs of her weight.

Transformation of Tanushree Dutta

Tanushree has shared the story of her transformation with people and has written an extremely exhaustive post. While sharing her photo, Tanushree Dutta wrote that she did not accept the job opportunity in the US because she wanted to resume her acting career.

Transformation of Tanushree Dutta

She wrote, “Some old news doing the rounds that I’m doing an IT job in LA. I was in fact training for IT and had a fantastic IT job opportunity in the defence sector of the US Government. It was a very prestigious job opportunity as I have always had the discipline, integrity and determination of an army person so to work in this field in whatever capacity would have been an honour. But I didn’t take it as I wanted to explore my artistic career again.”

Transformation of Tanushree Dutta

She added, “The defence job based out of Nevada would eventually after the Pandemic would need me to shift out of LA/ NY and I would not be permitted to leave the US for 3 years. I would also have to sign a job contract for 3 years coz such national defence related US jobs usually have very high security clearance and permissions so they cannot have people in and out of employment.”

Transformation of Tanushree Dutta

In her post Tanushree Dutta further wrote, “I have a lot of goodwill in Bollywood and Mumbai so I came back to India and will stay here for sometime and will work on some interesting projects. I have been getting some offers from Bollywood in terms of movies and web series. At present I’m in touch with 3 big South film managers who are pitching me for Big budget south Projects as well as 12 Casting offices in Mumbai.


On an endnote Tanushree Dutta wrote, “There are powerful Industry bigwigs who are giving me silent support in the background as they know the truth and are my wellwishers. I recently shot a commercial advertisement in the beauty space and announced that I’m back to work. I’m looking good, getting back my sass as I’ve lost 15 kgs and there is a strong buzz amongst industry folks of my imminent return to acting!


Tanushree Dutta looks very beautiful in the photo she has shared with her post. It is clear from this post by former Miss Universe Tanushree Dutta that she is planning to work in Bollywood again. Significantly, Tanushree Dutta worked in many films including Aashiq Banaya Aapne. But after some time she moved away from Bollywood and shifted to America.

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