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Gal Gadot returns as ‘Wonder Woman’ in ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ trailer

Entertainment NewsGal Gadot returns as 'Wonder Woman' in 'Wonder Woman 1984' trailer

The makers of the highly anticipated ‘Wonder Woman 1984,’ dropped its trailer on Sunday (local time).

The trailer of 2017’s ‘Wonder Woman,’ sequel sees the return of the Israeli actor and model Gal Gadot as Diana Prince during the mid-1980s, decades after her heroics in the first film, which was set during World War First, reported Fox News.

The clip first introduces viewers to American actor Kristen Wiig’s character, who is likely to be the film’s supervillain Barbara Minerva, AKA Cheetah.

The trailer shows a conversation between the two where Minerva asks Prince, “Have you ever been in love?” Where Prince responds, “A long, long time ago,” as she referred to Steve Trevor, her love interest from the first film. “You?” Minerva admits, “So many times, yeah, all the time.”

The trailer’s biggest reveal is that Steve is alive and well and he hasn’t aged at all since the early-1900s.

Fans will also get to meet Maxwell Lord in the role of Pedro Pascal, a shrewd businessman with close ties to the Justice League in the comics.

‘The Amazons’ (a race of immortal super-women) are also set to return as the trailer shows their utopian island several times.
The weapon wielded by ‘Wonder Woman’ in the DC Comics the ‘Lasso of Truth’ appears again and Diana is seen using it to swing from lightning bolts.

‘Wonder Woman 1984,’ directed by Patty Jenkins, is due to hit theaters on June 5, 2020, in the U.S.

According to film critic and movie trade analyst, Taran Adarsh the movie is set for a release in India on June 3, 2020. (ANI)

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