March 23, 2021

Iewduh wins best Khasi film award

‘Iewduh’ has won the Best Khasi Film and the Best Audiography (location sound recordist) at the 67th National Film Awards. The awards are meant for films made in 2019 and the announcement has been delayed because of COVID pandemic.

The film has been produced by Shankar Lall Goenka and directed by Pradip Kurbah wins the award for best Khasi film. Iewduh was also awarded for Best Audiography (Location Sound Recordist) for Debajit Gayan.

Iewduh is a poignant story of the daily struggles of people whose livelihoods depend on this biggest market where several dreams are born to die a premature death.

Albert Mawrie in his role as the man who struggles to clean the pay toilets so he can educate his brother, is something we can relate to in a society that is increasingly becoming unequal.

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