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Interview: Miss Teen Universe India 2022, Brunda Yerrabali

Entertainment NewsInterview: Miss Teen Universe India 2022, Brunda Yerrabali

Bangalore  girl Brunda Yerrabali won the title of Miss Teen Universe India 2022 at Miss Teen Diva 2021 event held recently at Kingdom of Dreams, Gurugram.

Yerrabali is the daughter of Surekha Battula and  Venkat Yerrabali. Born in New Jersey, Brunda Yerrabali is currently a resident of Bangalore.

She is an International Baccalaureate (IB) student.

In an exclusive interview with Guwahati Times, speaking about her education, Yerrabali said, “I am studying in Oakridge International School of Bangalore and I’m currently the sports captain and Global Campus Ambassador at my school.”

Speaking about her entry into modeling, she said, “This is my first year in the industry, I’ve always loved the world of fashion and glamour, and decided to give it a shot this year.”

“As of right now, I think I’ll see where life takes me, but it’s definitely something I wouldn’t shy away from, should the opportunity present itself,” she replied when asked about Modeling as a career.

Replying to our question about her journey at the Miss Teen Diva India, Yerrabali said, “I became a finalist a few months ago after the online audition, and since then it’s been nothing but constant preparation and hard work up till the pageant.”

“I’m so happy to have been able to represent not only myself, but my state Karnataka, and I hope I’ve made everyone proud by winning the title of Miss Teen Universe India 2022,” she added.

 As you are a winner now, what do you want to do for your society or community?

I’d like to expand my initiative, Project Bin It, which works towards raising awareness and executing proper waste disposal practices in India.

How your family supported you throughout your journey?

My family’s been extremely supportive throughout my journey, a special shout-out to my mom, Surekha Battula, and my best friends as well.

Any future plans working in movies or working as a model that you can share ?

It’s always been a childhood dream of mine to act in a movie, I’d really love to at least once in my life.


My hobbies are basketball, dancing, singing, and writing.

Aim in Life: 

My aim in life is to constantly grow as a person, and experience as much as I can.
Although this is my first year in the industry, I recently walked for the Kerala Grand Wedding Expo and have been apart of a few photoshoots. It’s been an absolutely incredible year, and I cannot wait to see what this new year holds for me.

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