Meghalaya artiste Jessie Lyngdoh’s music video ‘Kynmo’ puts social media on fire

Shillong: An artist from Shillong, Meghalaya, Jessie Lyngdoh’s new single titled ‘Kynmo’ has created quite a buzz on social media as it received 798,080 views in just six days of release on YouTube.

The music video has received much appreciation from the state and beyond. The video was released on October 24 and is sung in the Jaintia dialect. The song features Aisha Sangriang, Eddie Lyngdoh, rap artist Banrap Lyngdoh and a dancing crew from the Majestic Dance Academy.

The music video on YouTube has received 44K likes with 4.5K comments. However, the song has received mixed reactions from the audience. Some have appreciated the artist and the efforts made by the crew, whereas a few have trolled the artist on various social media platforms.

Here is the music video for you:

Source: The Sentinel

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