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PUBG Mobile: Top tips to get your smartphone competition ready

Tech NewsPUBG Mobile: Top tips to get your smartphone competition ready

It’s been a while since PUBG Mobile released, and now we are at a point where the game has become not just a success with the casual players, but with pros as well. The competitive scene of PUBG Mobile has emblazoned itself into glory in not just India, but the world. And the number of tournaments that are being held in the country promise of great opportunity.

People and players are using this to become streamers who steam their gameplay. Or they are taking the most serious route, where they form teams with proficient players to take on tournaments. The competitive scene of PUBG Mobile has not only grown, but become a viable option for players all across India. And today we will be sharing some tips and tricks for casual players who want to advance to the level of pros. These will primarily be how to optimize your smartphone to make it ready for competitive level performance. These tips will not just be for those with flagship devices, but for those that use mid-range and budget devices.

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