1st Guwahati International Documentary- Short & Animation Film Festival, 2019 Screens- The Love Commandos

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A film about  love and family, and a powerful insight  into the social and political turmoil in contemporary India. The Love Commandos follows  a group of ordinary men on an extraordinary mission- to change their country’s archaic views on love, honour and marriage.

The Film is Directed by Miriam Lyons

In August 2017, “The Love Commandos” was awarded Best Documentary at Calcutta International Cult Film Festival, in India.

Mr. Sanjoy Sachdev, Chairman, Love Commandos and Mr. Rajesh Malhotra, Chief Coordinator  were  felicitated with Fulam Gamusa & Memento, before the screening of  the documentary “The Love Commandos

Felicitation ceremony
Guest’s GIDSAFF 2019
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