AASU appeal to indigenous people

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The All Assam Students’ Union (AASU) has appealed to the people of Assam to take strong and decisive steps so that the supremacy of the indigenous people remains intact in the State.
While asserting once again that AASU would keep its non-political character intact, the student body said that though the people do not have a political alternative in the State, protection of the indigenous identity must top the agenda of the people while taking a decision.
“The people of Assam would have to take a tough decision this time. The indigenous Assamese society comprises people of different castes, communities and religions. They must remain the decisive force here,” AASU advisor Dr Samujjal Bhattacharya mentioned.

AASU has pointed out the major issues facing Assam and its people ahead of the coming general elections and has asked the people to make informed choices. Warning the people about the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill-2016 that violates the main clauses of the historic Assam Accord, AASU said that the threat still looms large.

“The ruling BJP has vowed to bring the bill back, on the other hand, it is trying to create confusion among people over the issue of the Clause six of the Assam Accord over the issue of constitutional safeguard,” AASU mentioned.

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