Flood || 28 Majuli villages submerged

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Twenty eight villages were submerged in Majuli island district today by the overflowing water of Brahmaputra and Subansiri rivers.

A Majuli district administration official told media that all the 28 villages under water were outside the embankment of the island and were close to the rivers with some villages located in chapori areas. The official informed that 23 villages have been completely submerged while five were partially under water. Altogether 26,454 people have been affected by the floods and 167 hectares agricultural land has come under water, he added.

He further said that the Bongaon-Salmora PWD Road along with Birinabari, Ukhalchuk, Odubi and Kohardubi roads have been partially submerged by flood waters.

The official stated that so far no relief camps have been opened with flood-hit people managing to stay put in the houses, most of which were changghars or changghar-type built on raised platforms.

The official said that the ferry services between Majuli-Jorhat and vice-versa today also remained suspended. The services were suspended indefinitely on Tuesday afternoon by the Inland Water Transport department.

Villages hit by floods in Jorhat dist goes up to 27: Meanwhile, 27 villages under Jorhat West, Jorhat East and Titabar Revenue Circles have been submerged under flood waters. On Tuesday, 16 villages under the three revenue circles were affected. A Jorhat district administration source stated that over 12000 people and 1387 hectare crop area have been affected by the floods.

The source informed that one relief camp opened under Jorhat West Revenue Circle on Tuesday was functioning while two relief camps and five relief distribution centres were opened under the Titabar Revenue Circle.

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