Apple Watch Series 5 price in India out: Here’s everything you need to know

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At tonight’s iPhone 11 launch event, Apple also took the wraps off a bunch of other products. These include the next-generation iPad, and the latest Apple Watch Series 5. Apart from unveiling it on a global stage, Apple has also announced the Apple Watch 5 India prices. Read on to find out about them.
Apple Watch 5 India prices

Prices for the new Apple Watch 5 start from Rs 40,900. This is for the GPS-only variant. Prices go up to Rs 49,900 for the GPS+Cellular variant. Apple hasn’t revealed a specific availability date for its latest smartwatch. Instead, it only says that the new product is ‘coming soon’ to Apple Authorized Resellers.

Along with announcing the new Watch Series 5, Apple has also announced price cuts on the popular Series 3. The GPS-only variant of the Watch Series 3 now costs Rs 20,900. The GPS+Cellular variant, on the other hand, now costs Rs 29,900.
Apple Watch 5 features

Since its launch five years back, the Apple Watch has grown up to become much more than just an iPhone accessory. It now dominates the global wearable industry. Tonight, Apple announced the Watch Series 5, which comes with an Always On display for the first time ever.

The new Watch 5 flaunts what Apple calls an LTPO (Low Temperature Polysilicone and Oxide) Retina Display. This can essentially vary the display’s refresh rate, so that if there’s no need to update the screen, it doesn’t, thus saving power. It’ll still dim the screen when your wrist isn’t raised, but now it’s possible to check the time without people noticing.

Another new feature is an onboard Compass. This will now tell users the directions as well as incline, longitude and latitude. The new smartwatch will also display these stats on the home screen as one of three Compass-based complications.

Last year, Apple slightly increased the size of the Apple Watch – from 38mm and 42mm to 40mm and 44mm. This year’s smartwatch retains those sizes. This means that Series 5 is likely backward-compatible with all previous bands.

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