Brahmaputra worship festival in November

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Brahmaputra Pushkaram – a 12-day festival dedicated to worshipping the Brahmaputra and taking a holy dip in the mighty river, would be held here from November 5 to 16. Essentially a South Indian festival, Pushkaram is held on the banks of different rivers of the country as per the specifications of the zodiac constellations.

Nearly three to five lakh pilgrims, mostly from South India, would take a holy dip in the river during the event. Arrangements would be made on the riverbank from the Sonaram Field, Chandmari to Fancy Bazar for smoothly conducting the event.
“The festival is being organised by the Balaji Temple, Guwahati, and Mahalakshmi Trust. The Assam Tourism Development Corporation (ATDC) is assisting in the arrangements like preparing the ghats and assisting the visitors during their tours in city as well as in the rest of State and the North East. Since a significant number of people are supposed to visit the State for the event, we look forward to providing them a good tourism experience in Assam,” ATDC chairperson Jayanta Malla Baruah said.

“It’s not entirely a new concept. Earlier also, a limited number of people used to visit Assam to take a dip in the Brahmaputra as per the zodiac specifications. However, since it is held at one place at a big interval of 12 years, not much was known about it in this part of the region,” he mentioned.

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