25-year-old gang raped in Gurugram

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GUWAHATI: Four men were arrested for gang-raping a 25-year-old woman on Saturday night in Haryana’s Gurugram district.

According to sources, the woman was allegedly picked up from Sikanderpur metro station for consensual paid sex by one of the accused after midnight. He walked her to the property dealer’s office in DLF Phase 2, where three other accused were already waiting.

However, when she refused and tried to flee. The men then brutally thrashed and gang-raped her. Her head was smashed against the wall, following which the accused fled the spot.

The accused have been identified as Ranjan, Pawan, Pankaj and Gobind, all live in Chakkarpur area. Pawan is an office clerk and others are delivery boys with Zomato and Swiggy.

The police were quick to respond and managed to nab the accused within 2hrs from different parts of the city.

“Thankfully, Gurugram police acted swiftly but we want exemplary punishment for the accused to ensure they understand that a no means no. We have moved to CP regarding same,” said Ranjana Saxena, a women’s rights activist.

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