Banks To Remain Closed For 11 Days Next Month | Check Dates

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Banks in India will remain closed for 11 days in the month of March, as per the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) calendar. The banks will remain closed for five days — March 5, March 11, March 22, March 29 and March 30. Besides this, it will also remain closed on four Sundays and two Saturdays.

However, bank holidays are not observed by all states and it may vary as per the specific state or region. Only gazetted holidays are observed by banks all over the country. The bank account holders are advised to plan their transactions accordingly.


Banking services are also expected to be affected as many bank unions have given a call for strike in protest against the government’s privatisation plan. The two-day long strike will be observed on March 15 and 16. Bank unions are also planning to march towards Parliament in Delhi on March 10. “If the government proceeds further, we will intensify the agitation and go for prolonged strikes and indefinite strike. We demand the government to reconsider their decision,” All India Bank Employees’ Association (AIBEA) has said.

Check the dates here:

March 4, 2021: Sunday

March 5, 2021: Holiday in Mizoram to celebrate Chapcher Kut

March 7, 2021: Sunday

March 11, 2021: Mahashivratri

March 14, 2021: Sunday

March 22, 2021: Bihar Day

March 13, 2021: Second Saturday

March 14, 2021: Sunday

March 21, 2021: Sunday

March 27, 2021: Fourth Saturday

March 28, 2021: Sunday

March 29, 2021: Dhuleti/Yaosang second day

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