Containment zones declared in three municipal wards of Guwahati from today

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Kamrup (M) Deputy Commissioner Biswajit Pegu on Wednesday said that Ward no. 8, 16 and 28 have been declared as containment zones as number of new COVID 19 positive cases in these wards crossed the mark of 400 in the last seven days.

The containment zone order will be effective from 2 PM of May 6, and will remain in force until orders.

1. Ward No. 28 (Area – part of Barsajai area, part of Basistha Grant area, part of Maidan area, part of Barmataria area, part of Hatigaon area)

Boundary of the Containment Zone:

North: By the Northern side of Ajanta Path from Hatigaon Chariali to Basistha Road junction point, then by the western side of Basistha Road up to Chandan Nagar Road point, then by northern side of Chandan Nagar Road point to Tongora Satra Wooden Bridge.

East: By the Eastern side of Rukmini Bahini river from Tongora Wooden Bridge to NH 37 Bridge near Basistha Chariali, then by the North of NH 37 up to Basistha Road, and then by the Eastern side of Basistha Road up to the point on the South Eastern extreme boundary of Basistha village in the line of Basistha Road.

South: From the above point along the Northern and Eastern side of South and Western boundary of Basistha Grant at Basistha Hatigaon Road junction at NH 37.

West: By the Western side of Hatigaon main Road from NH 37 Junction point to Bhetapara Chariali, then by the eastern side of Hatigaon Road from Bhetapara Chariali to Hatigaon Chariali Point.

2. Ward No. 16 (Area: Fatasil area, Bhaskar Nagar area, Barsapara area, part of Dhirenpara area)

Boundary of the Containment Zone:

North: AK Dev Road from Ambari Tiniali up to Marabharalu then up to Lokhra Road

East: Eastern side of Marabharalu from Glass Factory via northern side of Cycle Factory Road to Lakhra Road and then along the eastern side of Lakhra Road up to Dhupalia Road

South: From Lakhra Road via Dhupalia Road bye lane No 2 up to Mara Bharalu.

West: Mara Bharalu from Dhupalia bye lane no 2 up to Itabhata Road Junction then up to AK Dev Road then up to Ambari Tiniali.

3. Ward No. 8 (Area: Bhutnath area, Kumarpara area, Machkhowa area, part of Athgaon Area)

Boundary of the Containment Zone:

North: From the centerline of River Brahmaputra back side of Sonaram Field up to Kedar Road.

East: Eastern side of Kedar road from Central line of River Brahmaputra upto AT Road, then upto Chabipool via eastern side of Sati Jaimati Road.

South: Eastern side of Netaji Subhash Road upto Fatasil bridge then southern side of River Bharalu up to GS Colony approach road.

West: Western side of River Bharalu up to AT Road then up to Sonaram then via backside of Sonaram Field up to Centerline of River Brahmaputra.

Any unauthorized entry and exit to and from the above containment Zone is prohibited during the containment period.

However, following exemption are allowed inside the containment zones:

1. All Government / Private Offices, Educational Institutes and business establishments other than exempted category will remain close during the containment period.

2. There will be no restriction on movement of officials engaged in emergency and essential services within the containment zone area.

3. Bank, Insurance Offices and ATMs will function normally by maintaining COVID-19 Protocols.

4. Grocery/Milk/Fruits shops will remain open from 8 AM to 12 PM. Shopkeepers and customers shall have to maintain social distancing, to wear masks and hand gloves. Moreover, shop owners shall ensure six feet distance among customers and shall not allow more than 5 persons inside the shop. In addition, shop owners should compulsorily keep sanitizers and hand wash in their shops.

5. Medicine shops, Vetrinary Clinics and Animal feed shops are be exempted from the restrictions.

6. Mobile vending for vegetables, fish, eggs and meat will be allowed in the containment zone area.

7. People with medical emergency purposes will be allowed for movement in and outside the Containment Zone area on production of valid medical documents.

8. Home delivery of essential commodities including e-commerce will be allowed up to 6 PM.

9. Dealer of essentials commodities will function up to 2 PM.

10. There will be no restriction in operating Petrol Pumps, LPG dealership, manufacturing units of essential commodities, Telecommunications, Internet services, Broadcasting and cable services, IT and IT enabled services, Warehouses and Cold Storages.

Further, all measures necessary for containment of COVID-19 as envisaged in MoHFW, Government of India Advisory dated: 25th April 2021 and 29th April 2021 and in the Order issued by the ASDMA vide no. ASDMA 28/2021/41; Dated: 30 April 2021 will be in force until further order.


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