Gang rape case: Victim trafficked to India three years back by a Dhubri man

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GUWAHATI: New details are coming out every day of the brutal Gang rape case. As of now, all the culprits have been arrested and the victim was also traced. She was traced and found from Kozhikode in Kerala.

According to Deputy Commissioner of Police Dr. S D Sharanappa. Now, what comes as a twist is that the victim was trafficked to India by Mohammed Babu, a resident of Dhubri in Assam, about three years in the past.

Just when we were concluding that the case had no relation with Northeast India, this new revelation comes as a breakthrough.

Following a monetary dispute, she was assaulted by six folks, together with a girl, and later 4 of them gang-raped her and brutalized her a couple of weeks in the past, sources mentioned PTI.

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