Who Is Vietnam’s Nguyen Thuc Thuy Tien? Know The Miss Grand International 2021 Winner

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The Miss Grand International pageant came to an end on Saturday and the prestigious golden crown was taken home by Vietnam’s Nguyen Thuc Thuy Tien. Nguyen won the 2021 edition of the contest and was given the crown during the coronation night held on December 4. The finalists of the beauty pageant were representatives from Brazil, who came in 2nd as the runner-up, Puerto Rico was crowned 3rd runner-up and South Africa was the 4th runner-up. Stephanie Mercedes Medina of Ecuador emerges as the first runner-up.


Name :
Tien Thuc Thuy Nguyen
Country :
Ages :
Height :
171.0 cm
Weight :
52.0 kg
Body figure :
Education/Occupation :
“Final year/Hospitality Management/ Vatel Vietnam Investor and Co-founder of Adopt’ Vietnam”
Hobbies :
Music is my life. I like dancing and singing in my freetime because it helps me alot in relaxing myself
Ambitions :
My ambition is to become a person with both freedom and power in my hands. The freedom to do what I love, the freedom to go where I want, the freedom to help those in need without worrying about whether I’m rich enough or not. And power for me to protect the weak without hesitation. I know it would take me a lot of effort to make this ambition come true. I will need to learn more, work even harder, always prepare to get over any obstacles would come my way, and especially ready to change anyone who is yet to like me at this time.

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I am Jeanè Van Dam, a 20 year old South African who believes in the importance of educating the youth of the world around war and violence. I believe that education does not change the world, education changes people and people change the world. I am currently a Bachelor of Law & Commerce Student, a business owner and the proud founder of my very own Non Profit Organization named ‘The Beauty of Caring’. I grew up in an environment where I was exposed to gender based violence & as a Miss Grand International Finalist I would be honored to use the platform to educate people around gender based violence and advocate for change.

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