Modi Govt is playing with dignity-tradition of Indian Army: State Youth Cong prez

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State Youth Congress president Ankita Dutta lambasted the controversial ‘Agnipath Military Recruitment Policy’ in a press meeting held in Sivasagar Press Club. Dutta said that the Modi government is playing with the dignity-tradition-discipline of the Indian Armed Forces.
Dutta said that more than 2,55,000 posts are lying vacant in the three armies of the country and millions of youths have been waiting for the opportunity for regular recruitment processes. She said that recruitment on contract for 4 years is not a pleasant message for the security of the country. She questioned, “What will happen to the future of those youths after four years of service?”

Detailing on the Agnipath and Agniveer scheme, Dutta added that many experts on security, defense analysts and others have expressed their concern over the policy of Modi Government and that it may not be a good message for the Indian Armed Forces with the looming threats from China and Pakistan on the borders.
In a written statement, Ankita Dutta further alleged that within 4 years, the new recruits cannot imbibe the spirit, discipline and battle preparedness which are necessary for supreme sacrifice for the country. She expressed doubt if the scheme came from an expert panel constituted for the purpose and wanted to know the brainchild of the project from the government.

She further questioned the rationale of recruiting youths of the country for only four years and leaving them on the streets with Rs 5 lakhs in their pockets. Dutta raised serious concern over allowing youths trained for only three months to handle modern sophisticated machinery in the Army, Navy and Airforce.

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