Bodoland University organises Science motivational outreach programme in Kokrajhar

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A Science motivational outreach programme was organised at Nayekgaon Janapriya High School in Kokrajhar on Saturday which has been designed by the Physical Society of the Department of Physics of Bodoland University.

The programme has been emphasising attracting the young and curious minds of school-going students towards the amazing fields of Science through a hands-on simple demonstration of experiments and interaction with the physics faculty of Bodoland University.

The programme will run throughout the year and is aimed to cover the schools in remote areas of the Bodoland Territorial Region (BTR).

The two-hour programme is designed with four demonstrations. The first attraction is the interaction of the Sun with the Earth through solar wind plasma. The Sun is an example of the fourth state of matter called plasma and the light and heat from the Sun support the life systems on the Earth. Because of its very high temperature the Sun spray out charge particles called solar wind plasma in all directions.

The programme has its ionosphere, which forms a beautiful arena in the polar regions due to the interaction of its magnetic field with the solar wind plasma. These Sun-Earth interactions are demonstrated in an indigenously designed laboratory device by producing plasma inside a glass chamber.

The second demonstration is for students to experience the basics of rocket science. A simple water rocket is designed and students will be trained to make and launch the water rocket under expert supervision.

The third experimental demonstration is on the generation of alternative fuel/energy through the breaking down of water molecules. Hydrogen gas is generated in a simple homemade reactor and its explosive power is shown.

Another simple device meant for demonstrating the properties of light propagation through different medium is prepared. This is a teaching equipment made for a visual experience of some of the properties of light propagation (reflection, reflection and total internal reflection).


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