Celebrity Master Chef Dr. Kaviraj Khialani bags prestigious Award & title of Top Most Hospitality Icons(Chefs )

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Dr. Kaviraj Khialani ( Celebrity Master Chef ) bags the prestigious Award and title of Top Most Hospitality Icons ( Chefs )
Presented by Asia Food Congress endorsed by the World federation of Hospitality Professionals.

This valentines day has truly been a memorable one for Chef Kaviraj since it not only was a special moment being awarded this special title and award for his very first love being cooking since the age of seven. Becoming a Chef was always his very focused goal and ambition since childhood and his perseverance and continued hard work- dedication and being creative has ever since kept him on top of the charts in his area of expertise and in the Hospitality Industry at large as well since over 25 years now.

Cooking and innovating with ingredients, trying out new and unusual combinations with home recipes and international classics as well has impressed a very huge audience and fan following in his case which makes him a class apart.

Having worked with some of the finest hotels and Hospitality companies in India and overseas which has made him not only learn his subject to the very best but has also helped him achieve milestones at a much younger age.

I always wanted to be different and stand out from the regulars through my work and my passion. There have been a number of instances and experiences during the journey which were not very pleasant as well but for me not getting distracted was the prime focus in life and through constant self motivation I work on my ambitions one by one and ensure they are achieved.

In today’s times and with the current generation of those who want success and popularity there needs to be a lot of mentorship and coaching sessions planned and executed so that experience of people like me are able to offer our best and help the young aspirants be more inclined with passion and not moving off track at any given point especially during the struggle phase.

The Hospitality industry is vast and there is a place for everyone as long as there are basics in place and a grounded attitude which wants to have an open mind and wishes to learn at the same time with a little patience and cool mind.

Asia food congress has always made me feel special and has honoured me third time in a row this year for which I’m truly humbled.

Awards and Recognitions are part of the journey where it keeps us pepped up and on the toes to continue doing our very best and offer our expertise in the best possible ways. (Press Release)

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